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(1)Thin?solid?stunning?God?X7?glazed?aluminium titanium alloy?Demystified

Rumors about the God X7 grows in intensity, but up to now only exposed two pictures, one is Han Geng holding a transparent glass material, the other one ismap of narrow frame fuselage effect suspected cool god. But they have a common point of a clue, according to the current exposure message display,Bryant X7 will likely become the industry home made of transparent glass designproducts. Now God X7 material by a new exposure, also is more proof that the rumors will become a reality.
From a few pictures showing can see, God X7 overall material process the wholeshow three characteristics, such as diamond hard, such as wings as thin, and also has a bright color like peacock like. Thin solid and beautiful, can these threedo a really not much. It is reported that cool God X7 using this material calledglazed aluminum titanium alloy, can be classified into the category of metal glass.So in the end what is metal glass? Compared to the general material it has the characteristics of what?
Metallic glass English is Metallic Glass, also known as amorphous alloy, refers to the liquid alloy after cold region is wide, but the crystallization temperature decreases not directly solidified material, its preparing process is the mother alloymelt rapid solidification cooling rate by more than one million degrees per secondand. This consists of 3 elements above multi element objects, has both the advantages of metal and glass, but also overcomes the drawbacks such asfragile and no ductility. The strength of the glass and metal is higher than that of the steel, the hardness is more than high hardness tool steel, also has a certain toughness and rigidity. So, metallic glass is known as "at broken smashing rotten""glass king".
And this "Glass King" is applied to the God X7 who will be what effect? If cancome true so the future of so-called broken screen insurance really is of no use,protect the shell film like will also speed up the elimination of. As for the surprisewhether to do so, let us wait until shortly after Bryant X7 conference jointlyannounced.