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Enterprise culture
Business philosopny:seeking for excellence,striving for innovation.
Seeking for excellence is constantly seeking for selftranscendence.Only in the way of constantly surpassing oneself can VISN or the individual in this group create more value for the society,have a better life philosophy and enjoy the whole process.
Quality policy: "striving for perfection and providing customers with satisfactory products and service with reasonable cost!" The focus is put on metting customers' requirements by utilizing all sources to constantly improve process and technology and keeping improving quality and service.the company seeks for constant improvement and sustainable development Making service commitments to customers and offering service to the society are also the company's pursuits.


Huicheng spirit
Trustworthy-being a person
Integrity is the precondition of mutual-trust and the moral foundation of modem society and market economy.In VISN group,"integrity"is the most important moral standard,which derivesfrom professional dedication and responsibility of VISN staff. It provides solid guarantee for quality product and good reputation of VISN group.VISN Group takes 'integrity' as the basis of cooperation with suppliers and business partners.VISN products also demonstrate "interity" to consumers through excellent quality.
Diligent-being a work
Dillgence and smartness is the representation of vigor and wisdom and also the characteristic of efficiency. In VISN Group "diligence and smartness" is regarded as the most important behavior standard and high efficiency for VISN staff. VISN people can always make the quick and right decision,which explains "diligence and smartness" of VISN very well.VISN Group possesses a team of young and talented senior managers whose diligence and smartness enable them to have rapid reaction to market. From new product development,production to sales,their effective managerial decisions and high work efficiency emsure the constant development of VISN.
Modest-being a nice person
To be modest and keep learning is the key to attain constant progress and perfection and also the prevailing way to enhance survival ability for people in information society.In VISN,staff must maintain modest and keep learning even for life,which enables them to gain sustainanle development in their career plan,constantly renew thought and concept,and accumulate knowledge and skills so that the advantage of competl tiveness of VISN in market can be guaranteed.
Persistent-being a career person
Persistence is the magic weapon for people to overcome difficulties and achieve success and also represents good mental quality.In VISN,"persistence" is a must for each staff and this personality can make VISN staff tougher and more tenacious in difficulty while in success,free from rashness and arrogance and keep striving for greater success."persistence" lays solid foundations for the success of VISN.